Cornwall Police Service

The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) believes in community policing—solving community problems with the assistance of community members.

The CPS is proud to offer a number of different volunteer programs that provide members of our community an opportunity to work directly with police to help make a difference. 

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Volunteer Opportunities:

Mobile Community Watch

Mobile Community Watch is a program based on a partnership between community members and the Cornwall Police Service.

The program is driven by community volunteers who donate their time (5 hours a month) to patrol the City and report any suspicious or criminal activity they might observe.

This community-based program provides patrol officers with an extra set of eyes and ears, which will greatly assist them to reduce and prevent crime.

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Auxiliary Program

Being an Auxiliary member of the Cornwall Police Service is a demanding and rewarding volunteer position. Opportunities exist to meet new people, share new experiences and contribute to the well-being of the community.

The Auxiliary Police Program is a volunteer program, intended to enhance community-based policing by providing an opportunity for citizens to participate and volunteer with law enforcement on an organized basis.  Auxiliary Police volunteers will provide a complimentary service to sworn police officers by assisting officers while under constant supervision.

Auxiliary Police Members will receive orientation and training, which will enable them to fulfill their volunteer duties.

Auxiliary Police Members:

  • Do not carry firearms, but they will receive specialized training in use of force and be exposed to the utilization and deployment of other use of force techniques, as an orientation initiative;
  • Always serve under the supervision of a fully sworn police officer of the Cornwall Police Service;
  • Are not allowed to drive marked police vehicles unless in an emergency situation and directed to do so by a fully sworn police officer;
  • Are expected to volunteer a minimum of 96 hours per year, plus training, to the program;
  • Do not receive any wages;
  • Will not wear the uniform of a police officer, but will be provided with a recognized uniform that identifies them as a volunteer auxiliary member; and,
  • May be required to testify in court.

Primary Duties:

Under the direction of a sworn police officer, Auxiliary Police Members may perform any of the following duties or programs:

  • Crime Prevention Programs;
  • Assist with parades;
  • Community Policing functions when directed; and,
  • Other routine non-police officer duties as assigned.

Basic Requirements:

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Be of good moral character
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have successfully completed high school
  • Meet minimum general fitness level
  • Meet a reliability clearance process to be determined by the Cornwall Police Service and successfully complete a criminal records check
  • Be willing to commit to a minimum of 96 hours of volunteer service per year, including training

NOTE: All applicants of the Cornwall Police Service Auxiliary program must sign an Authorization of Release of Information waiver permitting background and reference checks to confirm all information supplied. In addition, all applicants must undergo a physical examination to determine their health status. Failure to comply with either of the aforementioned disqualifies the individual from the selection process.

Paws on Patrol 

paws on patrol

Paws on Patrol is a community-based program that encourages dog walkers to be the eyes and ears of our neighbourhoods in an ongoing effort to prevent crime.

Similar to the Neighbourhood Watch program, Paws on Patrol gives volunteers the ability to become more familiar with their neighbourhoods and recognize when something appears to be suspicious. While out during their regular walks with their four-legged friend, if they notice anything out of the ordinary or suspicious, they will have a direct line to police to report their findings.

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