Bullying Hurts! It can happen anywhere, even in places that are usually safe.

Is somebody bullying you?

Sometimes people are afraid to tell anyone what is going on. But as long as you are silent, the bully has the power and won't stop bullying.

Bullying behavior is unacceptable and nobody has to suffer in silence. If a person or a group has just begun to frighten or humiliate you, try the following suggestions:

  • Stay in the safety zone. Don't be alone. Walk or sit with others.
  • Plan Ahead. Practice calmly telling the bully to stop with a firm and confident voice.
  • Decide who will listen and believe you when you report the bullying incidents.
  • Promise yourself to keep asking until you get help.

Ask For Help!

Bullying doesn't just stop by itself. It often happens while others watch but most people don't try to stop it. If you are being bullied, tell an adult you can trust.

Be sure to clearly describe:

  • Exactly what happened.
  • When and how often it has happened.
  • Where the incident(s) took place.
  • Who was involved.
  • Who else saw it happen.
  • What action you have taken, if any.

Afraid to get involved?

Many students believe there is bullying going on in their school. Many students watch as others are being repeatedly victimized and would like to help but are afraid to get involved. They are afraid one of the following things may happen:

  • The bully will come after them.
  • The bullying will get more violent.
  • Everyone will hate them for "ratting".
  • Nobody can stop the bully.
  • Nobody ever listens to them or believes what they say.
  • They will get in trouble or be blamed if they ask for help.
  • There is no hope of ever getting the bully to stop.

Help stop bullying! Here's how:

If you see someone being bullied, you can still help the victim while staying safe.

  • Tell your parents or another adult you trust. Ask them to report the incident to the proper authority.
  • Write down exactly what happened and give the information directly to the principal or other authority. The information should not be shared with friends or classmates.

Source: The Canadian Safe School Network