Cornwall Police Service

Fee Schedule

The Cornwall Police Service provides information and services to members of the public and other interested parties. The cost associated to providing this information and service, are captured below.





Occurrence Report (severed)


Motor Vehicle Accident (severed)


Witness Statement (severed)


Photograph (Black & White)


Photograph (Colour)


Photograph (Compact Disk)


Audio Tape


Video Tape


(Over 25 pages - additional $0.50/page +GST)




Police Record Check
(For employment and/or pardon purposes)


Police Record Check
(For volunteer Vulnerable Sector Checks and/or non- paying student placement purposes)


Police Record Check
(For volunteer Criminal Record Checks or Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Checks)


Freedom of Information Requests

$5.00 as legislated

Destruction of Fingerprints
(Fee may be waived when charges are withdrawn or accused is found not guilty of all charges)


Reconstructionist Report

Interview with Traffic Specialist

 $113.00 per hour

Updated April 4, 2022  ADM077