Cornwall Police Service


The destruction of fingerprints is strictly regulated by law. The Cornwall Police Service must act in accordance with all applicable laws when considering the destruction of fingerprints and photographs taken under the authority of The Identification of Criminals Act and the Canada Evidence Act.

Anyone wishing to have their fingerprints and/or photographs destroyed shall submit a request in writing to the office of the Chief of Police:

S. Spowart - Chief of Police
P.O. Box 875, 340 Pitt Street
Cornwall, Ontario K6H 5T7

Your letter must include:
• Your full name and date of birth
• Current address and telephone number
• Charge(s)/Offence(s) and disposition received as a result

*Your letter can be mailed or dropped off in person at the Records Bureau.

Please note that this process is free of charge for non-conviction dispositions such as:

  • “Withdrawn”
  • “Aquitted”
  • “Dismissed”

There is a fee of $38.00 for the non-conviction dispositions of:

  • “Stay of Proceedings” 
  • "Absolute Discharge"
  • “Conditional Discharge”

Payment can be made by cash/debit/credit card in person at the Records Bureau, or cheque payable to “The City of Cornwall” if sending by mail.

**Please make sure you advise the correct disposition as to not cause a delay in processing.
***Please also note that the process could take up to approximately 6 to 10 months to complete. You will be notified by mail once complete. If you move or change your mailing address within the process time, please notify us so that you may receive correspondence of your results.