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Time can be of a critical nature in various types of police investigations. Traditionally, officers may be required to canvass neighbourhoods and local businesses to seek out eye witnesses to assist with investigations. With the prevalence of video technology over the last ten years, officers have also gone “door-to-door” or “business-to-business” to seek out relevant video footage/evidence to assist with investigations. This process takes time and resources.

The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) has, therefore, developed a Security Camera Registry (SCR) to allow officers to quickly identify the location of nearby cameras, along with the contact information for the resident or business, to be used to expedite the canvassing process for frontline resources.

**Note: The SCR does not limit officers from using traditional practices to canvas residents or businesses who have not registered their camera with the CPS. The SCR simply expedites the officer’s ability to identify where private surveillance cameras are located within the City of Cornwall by providing contact information for the registered user.

Frequently Asked Questions:  



What is the Security Camera Registry?The Security Camera Registry is a completely voluntary, free initiative that asks residents and businesses to complete a brief registration form to identify the location of their surveillance camera(s). If an incident happens in the area of your residence or business, police may contact you to ask if your camera captured any relevant footage.
By registering, does this give Police access to my camera feed?No. By registering, you let Police know that you have a security camera on your property. If there is an investigation in the area of your camera, Police may reach out to you to ask if you are willing to share any footage your camera may have captured. Police will not access your camera feed or equipment, and you can decline to participate at any time.
Do I have to provide footage to Police when asked?No. At all times, your participation remains completely voluntary. Police are hopeful that members of the registry will be willing to provide footage when contacted, but there is no requirement to participate. If there is an investigation near your camera, you may be contacted to ask if you are willing to share any relevant footage, but you can decline at any point.
Will any of my personal information be shared publicly?No. Only members of the Cornwall Police Service will have access to the locations and contact information for those who have submitted their information to the registry.
How often will I be contacted about my camera footage?We hope to not ever have to contact you at all! You will only be contacted if an incident occurs in your area and police believe your camera may have captured relevant footage that can assist.
What type of incidents could my camera footage assist with?Camera footage can assist with a variety of investigations, including thefts of motor vehicles, missing persons, mischief and theft complaints, to name a few. Video footage can help identify suspects, suspect vehicle information, as well as determine a person's last known whereabouts if they go missing.
What types of cameras are accepted?Any camera that captures video can be of assistance to police. This can include actual security cameras, as well as doorbell cameras.
Who should I contact if I have any changes to my contact information?You will be contacted on an annual basis to verify that all of your registered information remains correct. If you move, change contact information, or remove your cameras, please contact the Security Camera Registry administrator by email to
Can I unregister?


(You must agree to the qualifiers and legal disclaimer to proceed).

I acknowledge that by selecting "Yes" in response to this page, the Cornwall Police Service will collect information that can identify me and/or the business I am registering with the Cornwall Police Service Security Camera Registry (the "Registry"). Such identifying information includes personal and/or business contact information (name, address, phone number and email) and information about surveillance camera(s) in my possession/control.

I acknowledge that the information provided to Cornwall Police Service via the Registry is being voluntarily submitted pursuant to section 29(1) of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act R.S.O. 1990 c. M. 56 ("MFIPPA"). I acknowledge that the information submitted via the Registry and collected by Cornwall Police Service will be used by police for law enforcement purposes, such as to contact me for my assistance to access any recordings made by registered surveillance camera(s) that may assist police investigate criminal activity in my area / neighborhood. I acknowledge that Cornwall Police Service may also use the information provided by me via the Registry collected to send me e-mail correspondence with crime prevention tips and crime statistical information for awareness and informational purposes.

I acknowledge that I am the Registrant, that I have the authority to provide information to Cornwall Police Service via the Registry and that I have possession/control of any surveillance camera(s) that I register. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure that the information submitted is current and valid and that Cornwall Police Service is notified of any changes via the Registry. I acknowledge that the retention, as well as any other use or disclosure of personal and/or business information will be governed by the requirements of the MFIPPA and Cornwall Police Service's retention schedule. I acknowledge that I may contact should I have any questions with respect collection of information via the Registry.

I hereby consent to the collection, use, retention and disclosure of the personal and/or business information provided to Cornwall Police Service via the Security Camera Registry.

In consideration of Cornwall Police Service's compliance with the collection, use, retention and disclosure of personal and/or business information and surveillance camera(s) information as set out above, I hereby release, waive and forever discharge Cornwall Police Service, the Chief of Cornwall Police Service and the Cornwall Police Services Board from all claims, damages, and causes of action, of any nature or kind whatsoever arising from the collection, use, retention and disclosure of information provided by me to Cornwall Police Service via the Registry.

By volunteering to participate in the Security Camera Registry, you will assist Cornwall Police Service in making a difference in your community. Thank you.

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