Cornwall Police Service

Court bureau 1

Court Bureau

The Court Bureau has grown considerably over the years and now consists of one supervisor, ten special constables, five part-time special constables and a civilian case manager.

The supervisor is responsible for the control of all court documentation, management and scheduling of Court Bureau personnel. The supervisor also acts as liaison between the Cornwall Police Service and court-related agencies such as the Crown Attorney's Office, the judiciary and Court Administration.

Our Court Bureau is unique in that all members interchange and perform all duties as the need arises.

The special constables are responsible for:

  • Court liaison to the Provincial Court
  • Responsible for the preparation of Crown pouches, disclosures, and swearing of all Informations and are in charge of the paperwork for each respective court.
  • Bail officer for all bail hearings
  • Escort prisoners within the courthouse, to court, for their hearings 
  • Court security
  • Serving summons, witness subpoenas and the delivery of court documents from the police station to the courthouses.

Special Constables receive recruit training, and gather DNA samples for the DNA Data Bank.