Cornwall Police Service

Marine Policing


The Cornwall Police Service and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in partnership deliver Marine Policing Services to the City of Cornwall.Marine

The Cornwall Police Service is mandated to provide enforcement, general patrol and emergency response within our waterways. The partnership was developed in order to ensure effective police response on navigable waterways within our jurisdiction.

Members of the Cornwall Police Service have completed an extensive and intense three week training period with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Marine Unit. The training was required in order to obtain the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the specialized function of marine policing.

The Marine Unit patrols the north shore waterways from the Robert Saunders Dam to the Gray's Creek area. Services provided by the Unit consist of enforcement of The Small Vessels Regulations, The Canada Shipping Act, The Customs Act, The Immigration Act, The City of Cornwall Municipal By-Laws and The Criminal Code of Canada with a zero tolerance enforcement policy relating to alcohol & boating.

In addition, the member of the Cornwall Police Service, who is designated as the Marine Operator for this unit, also works in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a member of their Integrated Border Enforcement Team (I.B.E.T.).

The Marine Unit will help those in need on the river. In a pro-active effort the Unit will promote safe, enjoyable and efficient movement of people and vessels on the waterways and will conduct spot checks with boaters, marinas and cottagers.