Cornwall Police Service


Bringing "Joy" to our Community

The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) is pleased to introduce our first Accredited Facility Dog, in partnership with Victim Services of S.D.G.&.A. and Koala Place.

Joy is a five-year-old female Chocolate Labrador/Bernese mix and an accredited Facility Dog through National Service Dogs. Since Joy was a puppy with National Service Dogs, she has undergone extensive training to prepare her to provide physical, social and emotional healing for the individuals she interacts with. Additionally, she has been trained to offer and enhance feelings of safety and well-being to individuals who have undergone any form of stress or trauma.

Property/Exhibit Manager and Quartermaster for the CPS, Danielle Lauzon, became Joy’s primary handler in August 2019, who assists with preparing Joy for interviews with victims, children, or witnesses who may have underwent a traumatic situation.

“Joy is used to bring a sense of calmness and comfort to victims or witnesses of crime,” said Lauzon. “She helps alleviate some of the discomfort when having to speak to a police officer about a traumatic or unfortunate circumstance.”

For more information on National Service Dogs, click here.