Traffic Unit

Traffic safety is a major priority for the Cornwall Police Service (CPS). Residents have a reasonable expectation to feel safe as they travel on the roadways and bike paths in our city.

Issues related to road safety have been recognized as extremely important in our community.

As part of the CPS' commitment to creating a safer Cornwall, a Traffic Safety Plan was developed in 2018 to assist in ensuring the safety of everyone on our roadways. This includes all motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, with our goal being to reduce the amount of injuries and collisions within our community. The Traffic Safety Plan includes both, educational and enforcement components, and will provide a foundation for safer roadways. In the plan, monthly traffic safety initiatives are carried out by the Traffic Unit, as well as Community Patrol Officers. 

April Traffic Initiative 


Throughout the month of April, the Cornwall Police Service (CPS) is looking for drivers who are violating roadway traffic signs as part of its monthly traffic initiative.

Traffic signs provide important information about the law, warn about dangerous conditions and help guide motorists. Intersection collisions account for over half of all fatalities and almost three quarters of serious injury accidents.

Officers will be focusing on sign violations involving both, motor vehicles and cyclists. Some of these traffic signs include stop signs, yield signs, no turn signs, no U-turn, and others. By creating safer intersections, city roadways will become safer for everyone to use.

To familiarize yourself with Ontario’s roadway signs, click here.

Enhancing traffic safety is a major objective within the CPS Strategic Plan. As such, monthly safety initiatives have been developed to keep the public informed and promote safer roadways and bike paths. These initiatives will be carried out by the Traffic Unit, as well as Community Patrol Officers.