Cornwall Police Service

Victim Services

The Cornwall Police Service is committed to treating all people with courtesy, compassion and respect for their personal dignity and privacy.

The Victim Services Unit is the victim assistance and referral unit within the Cornwall Police Service. The staff is specially trained and available to assist you with any questions you may have or if you are having any difficulty dealing with being the victim of a crime or involved in a tragic situation.

Services Available to Victims Include:

  • Information on the justice system.
  • Emotional support. 
  • Liaison services. 
  • Family court information and support. 
  • Information on community resources.
  • Information on criminal injuries compensation.

Our Mandate

The Victim Services Unit is mandated to work in partnership with the Victim/Witness Assistance Program (VWAP), municipalities, community and social service agencies and other local organizations to promote the development of an integrated service delivery framework for providing assistance to victims, including the provision of safety planning for victims, where necessary.

Safety Planning

It is important to know that although you do not have control over your (ex) partner's violence, it is possible to increase your own, as well as your children's, safety when being subjected to this abuse.

Creating a Safety Plan involves identifying action steps to increase your safety, and to prepare in advance for the possibility of further violence.

The information that follows offers many suggestions and ideas that we hope you will find useful. However, don't try to do everything right away. Take it a step at a time, and start with the ideas that seem most doable for you.

In creating a Safety Plan remember to include an Emergency Escape Plan, an Emotional Plan, and a Child Safety Plan. It is important to remember that: 

  • A Safety Plan is needed whenever the possibility of abuse is identified. 
  • This Safety Plan information is specifically designed for actions that you can take. 
  • This Safety Plan information also includes actions you can take to increase your children's safety. 
  • It is important to become familiar with and to review and/or revise your safety plan regularly. Abusive situations and risk factors can change quickly.

During a Violent Incident

Women cannot always avoid violent incidents. However, in order to increase your safety, here are some things you can do:

  • Remind yourself that you have an Emergency Escape Plan, and go over it in your mind. 
  • Start to position yourself to get out quickly or near a phone so you can call 911, if necessary. 
  • Try to move to a space where the risk is the lowest. (Try to avoid arguments in the bathroom, garage, kitchen, near weapons, or in rooms without access to an outside door. 
  • Use your code word with your children so they can call for help. 
  • Use your judgment and intuition - if the situation is very serious, you can agree with your partner or give him/her what he/she wants to calm him/her down. You have to protect yourself until you are out of danger. 
  • When, or after, you have been assaulted, call the police at 911 if you can. Tell them you have been assaulted by a man/woman, (don't say your husband/partner), and leave the phone off the hook after your call. 
  • Make as much noise as possible (set off the fire alarm, break things, turn up the stereo or TV) - so that neighbours may call the police for you.

Community Resources

Agency: Phone:
Police - Emergency 911
Police - Non emergency 613-932-2110
Police - Victim Assistance Coordinator 613-933-5000 Ext. 2602
Assault and Sexual Abuse Program (ASAP) 613-932-3300 Ext. 4552
Canadian Mental Health Association 613-933-5845
Children's Aid Society 613-933-2292
Cornwall Community Hospital 613-938-4240
Counselling and Support Services of SD&G 613-932-4610
Équipe Psycho-Sociale 613-938-7112 / 613-525-3952
Maison Baldwin House (Shelter) 1-800-267-1744 / 613-938-2958
Maison Interlude House 613-632-1131 / 1-800-267-4101
Mental Health Crisis Line 1-866-996-0991
Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of SDG&A (SASS)



English Crisis Line: 877-544-6424

  French Crisis Line: 877-336-2433
Victim Services of S.D.G. & A. 613-938-8900
Victim/Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) 613-933-7744