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wear it for joy fundraiser

The Cornwall Police Service (CPS), in partnership with Victim Services of S.D.G.&.A. and Koala Place, are pleased to announce the launch of the “Wear it for Joy” campaign.

 In 2019, Joy, a five-year-old female Chocolate Labrador/Bernese mix was introduced to our community as an accredited facility dog through National Service Dogs. Since Joy was a puppy, she has undergone extensive training to prepare her to provide physical, social and emotional healing for the individuals she interacts with. Additionally, she has been trained to offer and enhance feelings of safety and well-being to individuals who have undergone any form of stress or trauma.

“Joy is an important member of the Cornwall Police Service, who provides emotional support to those who need it most,” said Danielle Lauzon, Property/Exhibit Manager and Quartermaster for the CPS, in addition to being Joy’s primary handler. “Whether it is during a police interview or after a traumatic event, Joy has been there and continues to be there for our community.”

In order to continue to support Joy and her services, the CPS, Victim Services of S.D.G.&A. and Koala Place have initiated a “Wear it for Joy” fundraiser to help raise money towards Joy’s training, insurance, medical food and anything else she may require during her 10-year career.

Members of the public are invited to purchase a hooded sweater or t-shirt with the “Wear it for Joy” insignia. Numerous colour options and sizes are available, including both adult and youth sizes. The sweaters can be purchased for $27.00-$28.00 and the t-shirts can be purchased for $16.00-$17.00, with all proceeds going towards supporting Joy.

To request a sweater or t-shirt, please submit your request in the form below. A member of the CPS will contact you within 2-3 business days to confirm your order.  The payment can be placed using e-transfer, cash or cheque. 

Once the order arrives, you will be contacted and provided instructions of how to pick up your item. If shipping is required there will be an additional fee. 

The CPS, Victim Services of S.D.G.&A. and Koala Place would like to thank anyone who makes a purchase for their assistance in helping Joy to continue to be such an integral support to members of our community.  

Available options: 

Adult Hooded Sweater - $28.00 (Available in sizes Small – XXXL)

joy sweater


Youth Hooded Sweater - $27.00 (Available in sizes Small – XL)

Youth Sweater 

Adult T-Shirt  - $17.00 (Available in sizes Small - 6XL)

tshirt adult colours

Youth T-Shirt - $16.00 (Available in youth sizes XS (2-4), S (6-8) M (10-12), L (14-16), XL (18-20)) 

youth tshirt


How to Order:

1) Click here to access the Order Form and save it to your device after filling it out. (If using an iPhone, open the form, save it to your "files" and then open the document from your "Files." The form will then become fillable. 

2) Upload it below.

3) A member of the Cornwall Police Service will contact you within 2-3 business days to confirm your order and provide further instructions for payment and how to receive your order. 


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A huge thank you to our partners: 

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