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Media Release - CPS introduces CAMSafe

Publié le le 15 mai 2024



Cornwall, ON – As services across Canada celebrate National Police Week, the Cornwall Police Service is thrilled to introduce CAMSafe, an upgraded and enhanced iteration of our existing camera registry program.

CAMSafe represents a significant leap forward in community-driven efforts to promote safety and combat crime effectively throughout our neighbourhoods.

“We encourage City of Cornwall residents and businesses that are equipped with security cameras to embrace CAMSafe,” said OIC – D/S/Sgt. Tracey Pilon. “Your participation is critical in supporting CPS’ efforts and solidifying our commitment to safety.”

Building upon the foundation of our pre-existing camera registry, CAMSafe aims to further streamline our community’s ability to partner with us. It operates as a voluntary Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and security video registry program, designed to collaborate between residents, businesses and the CPS in ensuring the safety and security of our community.

CAMSafe’s functionality mirrors its predecessor by enabling residents and businesses to register their CCTV systems, security cameras or doorbell cams with our police service. Once enrolled, participants become invaluable allies, assisting CPS investigations following incidents within their vicinity.

Similar to our previous registry, CAMSafe grants officers access to registered cameras in the event of a crime in a specific area. However, it maintains its commitment to privacy and security by not allowing direct access to cameras or personal account information. It does, however, serve as an invaluable resource, offering leads on potential footage to aid in investigations.

Residents and businesses can securely register their cameras on the CAMSafe platform via the CPS website, providing basic information like name, address, contact details, the number of cameras on their property, and camera directions. Most important, participants retain complete autonomy, possessing the ability to add, modify, or remove information from their CAMSafe account at their convenience.

“I fully support the Cornwall Police Service’s new camera registry program and I urge all residents to join us in this collaborative effort to build a safer Cornwall,” said Mayor Justin Towndale. “By participating in this initiative, residents can play a vital role in enhancing public safety and aiding law enforcement efforts.”

National Police Week is from May 12-18, 2024. The CPS will host its annual Open House on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, from 3-7 p.m. at the Crime Reduction & Community Partnerships, located at 330 Montreal Road. 


In partnership with diverse communities, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and keeping our city safe.


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