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2022-06-09 - CPS Goes Hybrid

Published on June 9, 2022

Cornwall, ON – The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) has added three new hybrid vehicles to its fleet as a means of becoming a more environmentally conscious police service.

Three 2021 Hybrid Ford Explorers have been added to the fleet, replacing older police vehicles that need to be cycled out of circulation. These new vehicles are identifiable with a “Hybrid” logo on the back gate of the vehicle.

“The Cornwall Police Service recognizes the need to reduce our carbon footprint, while also being conscious of rising fuel costs and their budgetary impact,” said Staff Sergeant George Knezevic, Officer in Charge of Infrastructure Services. “This is a first step towards eventually transforming our remaining vehicle deployment to a fully-hybrid fleet.”

“We have a responsibility to be leaders in our community by making sure that we appropriately allocate our funds towards purchases that are sustainable and beneficial to the community we serve, while ultimately keeping officers and members of the public safe,” he added.

Though light on fuel, these vehicles are just as powerful and effective as the gas-powered police vehicles. The Hybrid Ford Explorers are specifically built for police, offering heavy-duty suspension and brakes, as well as a more robust powertrain.

The move towards hybrid vehicles aligns with the Cornwall Police Service’s strategic priority of organizational excellence through modernizing infrastructure, as we work towards our vision of “A Safer Cornwall.”



hybrid vehicle 2

hybrid vehicle 3


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