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CPS Warning Residents to Protect Your Parcel

Published on November 24, 2021

Cornwall, ON – This year, the Cornwall Police Service (CPS) is asking residents to “Protect Your Parcel” when doing holiday shopping, in order to deter thefts of mailed packages, as well as thefts from motor vehicles.

More people than ever are using online stores to complete their holiday shopping. Thieves, also referred to as “Porch Pirates”, are using this as an opportunity to steal packages and parcels that are unattended or easily accessible outside of residences.

For this reason, the CPS is asking residents to consider the following when shopping online:

  • If possible, make arrangements for the delivery to occur during a specific time when you know you will be home to receive it.
  • Make arrangements for a neighbour to receive your package if you know you won’t be home when it is delivered.
  • Monitor your tracking number to ensure you are home when the package arrives.
  • Request a signature on delivery.
  • Arrange for the package to be delivered to pick up destination, rather than left at your doorstep.
  • Consider installing lighting and security cameras.
  • Select in-store or curb-side pickup wherever possible.
  • Check if the online store has a pickup locker option available. (i.e. Amazon lockers)

The CPS is continuing to also to encourage residents to “lock it or lose it” as part of the traditional Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) campaign and strongly suggests residents lock their vehicles to help prevent a theft from occurring. Here are some additional tips to consider:

  • Always roll up your windows, lock the doors and pocket the keys.
  • Never leave the keys running in the ignition while your vehicle is unattended.
  • Keep your vehicle registration and insurance documents on you at all times.
  • Always park in a well-lit area.
  • If you have a garage, use it.
  • Remove valuables from plain view.

Residents are encouraged to contact (613) 933-5000 ext. 2418 to report any suspicious activity in their neighbourhood.

Together we can make “a safer Cornwall."



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