Cornwall Police Service

Demonstration at Cornwall Port of Entry

Published on February 12, 2022

Cornwall, ON – On the morning of Saturday, February 12th, 2022, numerous farming tractors and motor vehicles arrived at the Canadian Port of Entry, located in the area of Brookdale Avenue and Water Street, to protest COVID-19-related mandates imposed by the Government.

The Cornwall Police Service (CPS) respects the rights of Canadians to exercise their freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. All members of the general public, road users, residents, and businesses also have the right to a safe environment. Our police service recognizes the need to balance individual rights and freedoms with the need to maintain public peace and order. For this reason, the CPS is looking to maintain open communication with everyone involved in the demonstration and use a reasoned and tempered approach, while ensuring the proper use of police discretion to guide our response.

We are closely monitoring the demonstration at the Cornwall Port of Entry and are working collaboratively with our law enforcement partners to proactively respond. The CPS has initiated communications with the main organizers; however, we must urge anyone involved to not engage in illegal activity, nor endanger members of the public or first responders, including police personnel, or jeopardize public peace.  Those found committing crimes and acts of violence will be investigated and charges will be laid. This includes enforcement of traffic related offences and the investigation of any criminal acts.

Demonstration activities may interrupt the normal flow of traffic at the Canadian Port of Entry. At this time, the Seaway International Bridge currently remains open to traffic.

The CPS is mindful of our Indigenous neighbours of Akwesasne and the need to ensure these residents have access to the critical infrastructure which connects our communities to health care services, places of employment and other goods and services. We are working with our public safety partners to minimize the impact on the traveling public, to ensure order and public safety, while maintaining the orderly flow of traffic in the safest manner possible.

“The Cornwall Police Service has mobilized our policing resources to ensure public safety, while maintaining peace, order and security,” said Chief of Police Shawna Spowart. “I want to assure the residents of Cornwall, Akwesasne and Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry, that we are working closely with our law enforcement partners to minimize disruption to our communities and that any acts of violence or unlawful activities will not be tolerated.”

The CPS would like to thank the public for their patience in dealing with any traffic delays and inconveniences. We would also like to thank our law enforcement partners who have offered their support and resources at the Canadian Port of Entry.

We will be keeping the public informed with any pertinent delays or updates via our police social media channels.

UPDATE: 6:00 PM:

The CPS would like to advise the public that all vehicles involved in today’s demonstration have now vacated the area.

Today’s demonstration did not result in any criminal activity or offences.

The CPS would like to thank our partners, the Ontario Provincial Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service, the Canada Border Services Agency, the Ministry of Transportation, and the City of Cornwall for their assistance with ensuring the safety of all involved. We would also like to thank the public for their patience and understanding throughout the day.

The area is now fully open to traffic.



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