Cornwall Police Service

January Traffic Focus: Off-Road Vehicles

Published on January 19, 2023

Cornwall, ON - During the month of January, the Cornwall Police Service (CPS) will be increasing its enforcement efforts surrounding the unlawful use of off-road vehicles. Police will be monitoring city streets and recreational areas, such as parks and bicycle paths, to enforce violations under the Highway Traffic Act.

The CPS has noted public complaints regarding off-road vehicles being driven aggressively on city roadways, creating hazards for other road users. There has also been noticeable damage to boulevards throughout the City of Cornwall as a result of off-road vehicle tires damaging the grass.

Off-road vehicles are not permitted to operate on any streets within the City of Cornwall. Operators caught driving an off-road vehicle on city streets may be charged for unlawfully operating an off-road vehicle on a highway, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act.

The CPS recommends that off-road vehicle owners trailer their off-road vehicles to approved trails.

Residents of Cornwall will note increased police patrols and traffic-stop programs at known areas where off-road vehicles have been reported to travel.

Enhancing traffic safety is a major objective within the CPS Strategic Plan. As such, monthly safety initiatives have been developed to keep the public informed and promote safer roadways and bike paths. These initiatives will be carried out by the Traffic Unit, as well as Community Patrol Officers.

For more information on the use of off-road vehicles and motorized snow vehicles, please view the following links:

Motorized Snow Vehicles Act

Highway Traffic Act

City of Cornwall By-Law 001-1996 – Motorized Snow Vehicles


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